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Jan 4,2021

I want to take a minute to explain silk flowers to you.....

The new materials and designs used in the production of silk flowers means that we are able to produce high quality, realistic displays which are a vast difference from the old fashioned " fake flowers".

* you can have  any flowers you like year round.

*. silk flowers are durable and don't 

'need to be replaced weekly.

Silk flowers are now lifelike and look as great as the real blossom

* silk flowers are longer lasting than fresh flowers.

* Will you try Silk Flowers in the new year?




Jan 1,2021

Why do we florists need to charge so much more for a dozen roses duringValentine's week?  As you probably know this Holiday is the largest and busiest Holiday of the entire year in the floral industry.  Our suppliers, or also knows as the farms we buy our flowers from need to know in early January how many roses we need for Valentines Week so they can do their best to grow and ship as many as they can to florists around the world for this crazy busy week. This order takes incredible planning and predicting on the flower shop owners/ buyers.  We start thinking of our Valentines order as soon as the Christmas rush is over.  The planning, math, budgeting, and seasonal hiring is exhausting and very demanding to make sure every customer gets exactly what they want on that special day. Our suppliers increase the price of flowers during the Holiday to cover their costs of growing, shipping, and handling. With the rise in price from our supplier , we small florists must raise our prices to cover the influx of cost we face on our goods during the season.  As much as we would love to give you a "good" price for your arrangement, we could not cover our expenses if we did not charge our customers more for flowers during the busy season.  We have to hire extra staff to design and  to cover the increase of orders and extra drivers to deliver those arrangements. All this preparing behind the scenes, takes time and money spent before the customer pays for their flowers. A LOT goes on behind the doors to make sure your order is perfect for the one you love!

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