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"I must have flowers always & always."

Claude Monet


Philippians 4:13


The Comeback of Artificial Flowers

The comeback of artificial flowers has arrived. Over time, silk flowers, silk flower arrangements, and silk flower bouquets have received a pretty bad rep. When presented with the idea of selecting or gifting an artificial flower bouquet or artificial flower arrangement, many would prefer fresh cut flowers. The strange thing about this concept is there is no true reason as to how, when, and why fake flowers have developed this negative stigma. However, recently, we have noticed customers gaining more and more interest in the idea of artificial flower arrangements. Many have shown interest in gifting silk flower arrangements, utilizing silks flowers for wedding designs, and even adding silk  flower bouquets to their home and office decor. You may be wondering, "why is faux the new fresh?” Well great question, because faux flowers have many benefits, sometimes even more than a fresh flower arrangement.

Everlasting in Style and Enjoyment

One of the greatest perks of artificial flowers is the everlasting style and enjoyment. Selecting a gift for any occasion can sometimes be stressful, complicated, and even at times, frustrating! You know your recipient would feel supported, appreciated, and loved with the gift of a beautiful floral arrangement but you dislike the idea that this is a temporary enjoyment. With the gift of an artificial flower arrangement or artificial flower bouquet, you do not have to worry about the enjoyment ever ending. This life-long gift can be enjoyed for days, weeks, months, even years without a stress or worry.

Free of Allergens 

Have you ever experienced the utter disappointment of sending your favorite fresh cut flowers arranged in a decorative vase to your recipient who has an allergy to those certain flowers? If you haven't, you definitely don't want too. Silk flowers is a way to send your favorites without the stress of remembering (honestly, even knowing!) of your recipient's allergens! Now you and your recipient can enjoy this gorgeous gesture with comfort and ease.


Sending a fresh cut arrangement of flowers can get pricey- it's just the way of the industry! Although the beauty, design, colors, and fragrances are so worth it, it can become a little frustrating at times. Silk flower arrangements and silk flower bouquets are, at times, significantly less. A perfect example would be an arrangement of fresh cut, yellow, sunflowers vs.  An individual stem of sunflowers would cost around $5.99, depending on your location. A beautiful arrangement of fresh sunflowers with delicate filler and grasses arranged in a glass cube, starts around $59.95. Our Silk Lemon Yellow sunflowers are realistic as well as elegant in appearance would start at $29.99 arranged in a vase. If you're looking to purchase or send your favorite cuts at an inexpensive price, a silk bouquet or arrangement may be the choice for you!  


We can definitely relate to the scenarios when you are in search of your favorite florals but they are not available to the specific location or within the season of your order! Silk floral bouquets and silk floral arrangements allow you to gift your favorite beauties in any season to any location! Sending your recipient something special, meaningful as well as beautiful is everyone's goal, ours included. If your recipient adores peonies but it is the winter, chances are they may be difficult to find. Luckily, silk peonies are just as stunning as fresh peonies without the worry or hassle of finding them in the correct season. If you are  you're looking to send your recipient who resides at a military address in the middle of winter a beautiful, cheery arrangement of silk daisies or roses don't stress, because you can!


The realism of faux flower arrangements is definitely a worry for some. Many people wonder and worry if the silk flowers are going to be realistic in appearance. Yes, faux flowers do have the ability to appear REAL. Skeptical? People mistake faux for fresh in my displays often! I have had customers lean down and smell the flowers because they look so real! If you're worried about the appearance of your new artificial flower bouquet or arrangement, just make sure you're selecting, purchasing, and/or gifting from the right places. One key tip when ordering silk flowers is: be sure REAL pictures are provided, so you can see exactly what you will be getting. 

So... obviously, faux IS the new fresh! 

With silk floral bouquet and silk floral arrangement demands rising, it's a no-brainer why. Everlasting in style and enjoyment, free of allergens, affordable, available, realistic- how can you not love a little faux flower beauty. Faux flowers are actually transforming the floral industry. People have been choosing a beautifully designed silk floral arrangement when surprising their recipient for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, comforting their recipient during an illness, extending their deepest sympathies and condolences during a loss of a loved one, and even utilizing the beauty within weddings, proms, and special events. Now gifting flowers doesn't have to be a temporary enjoyment, it can be a forever appreciation!!!


 We are a family owned floral business that delivers beautiful handmade silk flower arrangements.

My name is Lianne Evans and I am a stroke survivor - I established 3S Designs (Stroke Survivor Silks) in 2014. 

Welcome to my online store. I hope you enjoy my designs and please know that each one comes from love and passion of the art of flower design! Your purchase from our shop also helps me in the continued recovery from my stroke and the support for my family.

Thank you....    
Lianne Evans


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